Treat Your Dad This Father’s Day With a Paddling Michigan Adventure

When you’re looking to make your dad happy this Father’s Day, keep Munising and Paddling Michigan in mind. Whether you’re here for a kayaking day trip or hanging out for the weekend, plenty is available to keep both dad and the rest of the family entertained and happy. Find your swimsuit, pack some snacks, and fill the tank to get a start on the fun waiting your family this Father’s Day.

Have Fun on the Water This Father’s Day in Munising

Here are some exciting and entertaining things to do with dad when you celebrate Father’s Day with this day or weekend trip.

  • Grab a Coffee and Grub. Make sure dad is fueled for all the adventure you have planned with coffee and a fortifying breakfast buffet. At The Duck Pond Eatery & Beer Garden, there’s plenty of bacon and eggs, and the coffee pot is never empty.
  • Kayak Lake Superior. Give dad a break from navigating and giving directions when you book a Paddling Michigan excursion. Our guides do the mental work so dads can focus on fun in the sun. What’s great about planning a trip like this is that it includes the whole family – anyone over 8 years old can do it. It’s a fun way for kids to spend time with dads on their special day with low stress but lots of adventure.
  • Play Frisbee on the Shores. Summer days are long, and nothing keeps dads as happy as they are when they are chasing a Frisbee along the luxurious shores of Munising.
  • Enjoy Some Climbing Time. If your dad is a hiker, book a Paddle and Hike trip with Paddling Michigan. If hiking isn’t his speed, check out some of the accessible waterfalls and plan a picnic after kayaking in the morning or afternoon.
  • Feast on the Grand Island Dinner Cruise. Cruise Grand Island on the Uncle Ducky catamaran while enjoying a meal provided by The Duck Pond Eatery and Beer Garden. You can eat with dad before the cruise, after, or even during. Have a beer once you’re back at the restaurant to make dad’s special day complete.

Grab the calendar and get some intel from mom for the best times to take your dad on a kayaking adventure. It’s a great Father’s Day trip, but, if that weekend isn’t optimal for your family, gift a Paddling Michigan trip to dad to include the fam – at his convenience. Sometimes, the gift is not having to plan and knowing he’ll be surrounded by the ones he loves most.

What your dad wants most from Father’s Day is a time spent with the ones who made him a dad. Treat him to fun in Munising this June with a Paddling Michigan kayaking trip. It’s just a little way to thank him for all the adventures he has created for you and the family! Choose to spend the morning, afternoon or the whole day on the beautiful waters of the Great Lake Superior.