Stay Healthy With a Paddling Michigan Excursion

From improving our mental health to our need for Vitamin D from the sun, science is telling us that being outside is good for us. Further evidence is suggesting that being near water can also improve our well-being. If you need another reason to book a Paddling Michigan trip this year, book your reservation knowing you’re improving your health along with seeing the beauty of the lake from one of its most unique vantage points.

How Valuable Water-Time Is for Our Health

According to marine biologist and researcher, Dr. Wallace J. Nichols, being around water, especially while on a boat or kayak, improves your emotional health, reduces stress, and encourages relaxation – something we could all use a little more of. In an interview with Teen Vogue this year, Nichols explained how, since our bodies and brains are nearly 70% water, we have a special connection to the seas. This deep biological connection triggers something in our brain when we are near water. From his research, he has found that even seeing and hearing the water has a positive effect on us, flooding our minds with neurochemicals that increase blood to the brain and heart, which induces relaxation. When we’re relaxed, we’re less stressed, and less stress means better health.

Being on a boat, which causes you to be entirely surrounded by water, will trigger this kind of neuro-response and is a boost to our minds and bodies. Metaphorically, it removes us from all our everyday stresses, too.

How to Harness the Benefits of the Water

If you are near any of the Great Lakes, there’s usually water to see no matter what time of year it is – though boating on it might be a bit tricky during certain times and seasons. Booking a Paddling Michigan trip during spring, summer, or fall is a great way to enjoy the water and reap the health benefits it offers. Between kayaking trips, take advantage of a few ways water can help your mental and physical health.

  • Take a Drive to the Water. Even it’s a bit of a drive, jumping into the car for some water time can be a boost to the body and soul. You don’t have to jump in – pack a picnic lunch and eat alongside a lake or river if boating isn’t an option.
  • Watch The Blue Planet. This amazing documentary series from BBC is a feast for the eyes. Seeing the amazing imagery of the water’s vastness may not be as beneficial as kayaking a great lake, but it can help your mind relax until your oars are in the water.
  • Download a White Noise App. If getting to a body of water isn’t on the immediate agenda, check out the applications on your smart phone or device for white noise. With sounds that range from raindrops to ocean waves, technology may trick your neurons into believing water is close – even if your eyes don’t see it.

Book Your Trip for Paddling Michigan

Now you know booking a kayaking trip is as good for you as eating your vegetables – but a lot more fun. Planning time on the water, though, is more than just fun; it can improve your mind and body. Fuel up on the benefits of water when you can by kayaking Lake Superior. When you can’t, find some ways to relax with water in mind and decide which trip is best for you.