Pictured Rocks Waterfalls

What is it about the feeling you get when you come across a waterfall while out enjoying Mother Nature? It is something akin to serenity. Generally, you hear the waterfall first, before you see it. Either it’s a small gurgle of water tumbling over a few boulders in a creek, or the mighty rush of a large waterfall plummeting over a cliff, tens of feet high. When the waterfall finally comes into view, most of the time, you stop and take in its splendor. Mesmerized by the movement of the water taking the freefall plunge, you and your hiking buddies, most often, become quiet. You let go, just like the waterfall.

There is something about waterfalls that bring us peace and tranquility. Maybe it’s the sound or the movement, or the cool spray that gets lifted in the air onto our skin that refreshes us. Or maybe it’s the endless flow of the water that reminds us of the beauty and power of nature. Regardless of what it is exactly, that feeling is what we are searching for on a vacation.

Seeing the Waterfalls

When you book a trip with Paddling Michigan, you are likely to see waterfalls at Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore, especially early in the season, as many unmarked waterfalls cascade into Lake Superior from the melting snow. (You may be surprised at how long it takes to get winter out of the dense northern forest.) From your sea kayak, provided by the outfitter, you will be able to touch the Pictured Rocks and feel the water seeping out, bringing the ground’s minerals to the surface and creating the colors that give the national park its name.

Pictured Rocks National Park and Lakeshore offer many grand waterfalls for visitors to enjoy including:

  • Munising Falls
  • Miners Falls
  • Mosquito Falls
  • Chapel Falls
  • Sable Falls
  • Bridalveil Falls
  • Spray Falls

Visit the National Park Service’s page on Pictured Rocks Waterfalls to learn the best ways to see them by clicking on the link here.

After your trip with Paddling Michigan, make sure to stick around the Munising area so you have time to enjoy the many other falls in and around Alger County:

  • Alger Falls
  • AuTrain Falls
  • Elliots Falls
  • Horseshoe Falls
  • Laughing Whitefish Falls
  • Memorial Falls
  • Rock River Falls
  • Tannery Falls
  • Wagner Falls

So many of these falls are easily accessible, you’ll be wondering how to talk your boss into working remotely. You may be surprised to learn the waterfalls are just as visible and maybe even more stunning in the winter months.

And don’t forget on the other end of this geologic site known as the AuTrain Formation, less than 90 miles from Munising, is the majestic Tahquamenon Falls. With all these waterfalls in close proximity to your Paddling Michigan vacation, you will be relaxed and rejuvenated from your time spent in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula.