Make Memories After Graduation with Paddling Michigan

The doors of the school have closed and the graduation parties are over, but you still want some final summer fun before you all wander off for life’s different adventures. Make some memories by camping under the stars in Munising and planning a kayaking excursion with the friends you’ve made and held dear over the last few years of high school or college. There’s no better way to enjoy a last hurrah than kayaking with the ones who’ve made your school experience great.

Why Plan an Adventure

Your parents have told you a thousand times before – there’s no time in your life like high school. You may be ready for bigger and better things, but you want to cherish the people who’ve been through all the ups and downs of teen life with you. An afternoon spent together, appreciating each other and the fact that you may not see each other every day like you did before, is a great way to cement your friendship – no matter what the future holds.

Paddling Michigan is the perfect way to hold on to your memories while creating new ones. You work together to kayak the big lake, all while laughing about old times. The solitude makes for contemplation you just can’t have in the city. Your life – and the lives of your friends – are about the change in ways none of you can predict or expect. Carving out some time in nature is the perfect way to appreciate that.

How to Plan Your Paddling Michigan Excursion

The great thing about heading to Munising is that it’s accessible, you don’t have to plan too far in advance and you don’t have to pack up a carload just to experience the warmth and adventure of time kayaking, camping or hiking. We provide the kayaks, the guides, and the dry bags – you provide the fun. What you may need to consider throwing in the back of the car for your trip includes:

  • Extra clothes. You may get yours a bit wet, so having backup clothing can make for a more enjoying experience. Consider having both long sleeve and short sleeves available – the temps on the great lakes can change in a flash.
  • Sunscreen. The sun is good for you, but your skin needs protection if you are going to be out in it for long hours. You also may need to reapply.
  • Energy Food. While it may be fun to keep some Combos and Doritos close, be sure to include foods that have sustaining power. Granola, cut up fruits and veggies, and jerky are sustainable and provide some energy. Make sure your water bottles are full, too. It’s easy to forget to drink water and get dehydrated when you’re having fun.

Plan Your Paddling Michigan Trip Today

Life is full of changes, and the changes ahead after graduating from high school or college will be big. Spend some time contemplating the fun you’ve had and the special relationships you’ve made by spending time kayaking, hiking, or both. Paddling Michigan offers deals for any number of people, you just have to plan ahead. Consider it your first step in practicing for the future – making plans and having fun.