Being Outside Is Good For You

If you need another reason to plan your Paddling Michigan adventure, now you have one – it’s good for you! More and more research is showing that time outside in nature is one way to keep our bodies and brains happy. When you book a kayaking trip on the beautiful shores of Lake Superior, you make your mind, body, and soul a little happier.

Make Time to Play Outside

While Vitamin D and sunshine go hand in hand, it’s not the only way being outside improves your health. Check out these proven benefits of spending time in nature:

  • Being Outdoors Decreases Stress Levels. The reason is somewhat a mystery, but people who spend time outdoors have lower levels of stress. Researchers found this by measuring cortisol – the stress hormone – levels in students who had spent two nights camping versus two nights in the city. Munising is a perfect camping area, but it’s not the only way to benefit from the outdoors. In fact, even a window view of the outside meant lower stress levels. Imagine what a day on the lake could do for you!
  • Nature Walks Improve Short-term Memory. While any kind of a walk is good for you, walking in the woods has benefits beyond getting your blood pumping. A study from the University of Michigan found those who walked in nature had a 20% higher retention rate than those who just went for a walk down a city street.
  • Spending Time Outside Reduces Inflammation. Inflammation is the culprit behind much of our aches and pains. One study that involved the elderly saw a significant decrease in inflammation in those who spent time outside.
  • Children Who Spend Time Outside See Better. Kids who play outside have a reduced risk of developing myopia – nearsightedness. In Taiwan, researchers compared two schools – one where children were encouraged to spend time outside, and one was a more traditional school and served as a control group. The school where children spent longer time outside had a decreased rate of myopia by nearly half.
  • Overall Health Improvements. Scientists are finding more and more ailments are relieved by spending time outside. Less fatigue, less anxiety and lower blood pressure are just a few of the small but significant findings in this new research. The research into how nature affects our bodies is still new, so these benefits may be just the beginning.

Enjoy the Wonders of Lake Superior

We all know that being outside is fun – now we can enjoy being outside knowing it offers a world of benefits. Reap the benefits of being outside by booking your Paddling Michigan trip this summer. Glide along the waters of the Great Lake Superior while feeling your anxiety float away and your inflammation decrease. Choose from a Sunset Paddle, Afternoon or Morning Delight, or a Paddle & Hike Excursion for your daily dose of the outdoors. We provide all the guidance, you reap all the rewards. You can pack some veggies and fruit to be extra wholesome, but that’s just an option.