Uncle Ducky’s “Paddlers Village” Christmas, Michigan
    On Lake Superior and catering to Kayakers, Canoeists, Paddleboarders, Hikers, and anyone who loves the outdoors.
    Yurts, Cabins, Pop Up Campers and Tent sites. Showers, restrooms, grills, picnic tables and fire rings. Relax on the beach with great views of Grand Island and Lake Superior at your doorstep. At “Paddlers Village” an unforgettable experience can be stargazing over Lake Superior. The sights are incredible and you may have a chance to see the Northern Lights. Having a campfire and beach combing are other great activities. There is a 1/3 mile long beach just adjacent to our property that is open to anyone. Look for driftwood, rocks, and agates. Kayak and Paddleboard rentals on the beach.

    Most of our paddlers will be touring in a Looksha T model tandem kayak. The max weight capacity 625 lbs for 2 paddlers but weight is normally not a restricting factor as is body size. The cockpits are 17.3 X 35 inches in size and they are elongated. Maximum width is 17.3 inches. If you cannot fit into a space of about 17 inches it is highly likely you will not be able to fit into this space. You must be able to freely get in and out of the cockpit.

    Anytime between May 15th and September 30th is good but there are some differences. In the spring the water is obviously colder and more precautions need to be taken to guard against hypothermia just in case one went in the water. Wet suits are the norm and we also try to make our groups smaller this time of year. Every year is different but around July 15th we no longer use wet suits as the water temperature gets above 55 degrees but they are always available. The water stays above this threshold well into the fall and only in very late September wet suits again are used. In the fall and normally around August 20th the wind picks up and can become a problem throughout the fall period. So, the best time of the year to kayak here is from June 15th through August 20th. Perfect weather cannot be guaranteed but the mid summer period has the best shot at it.

    The Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore which is a National Park is located between the towns of Grand Marais and Munising on the southern shore of Lake Superior. The National Park is 42 miles in length and the actual area of rocks and cliffs is about 12 miles in length. Giant dunes and wooded shoreline make up the balance of the park. Distances in driving times from major cities in the midwest are: Detroit 6 hrs, Chicago 7 hrs, Milwaukee 6 hrs, and Minneapolis 8 hrs.

    Yes- Visa, Master Card, Discover, and American Express. We prefer that you do use a credit card and we do require one for a reservation. However, for large groups we prefer checks or cash or if you would like to pay cash that can be arranged.

    Our large double kayaks can generally handle someone up close to 300 lbs. The weather is also a consideration on some days too. Foot size can also be important. Normally we can handle someone that has a foot size up to 14. Make sure to discuss these issues when you schedule with us.

    No you are not required to, but we would certainly appreciate a call the day prior sometime as it helps in our guide and equipment planning. If you do not check in we cannot guarantee a specific kayak for you.

    Yes we do. Of different sizes as well.

    Pictured Rocks Day Trips: 8:30 AM EST Paddlers Choice and Paddle and Hike. Uncle Ducky Outdoors Shop
    1331 W. Hwy M-28- Munising, MI or at other assigned times- 9:30 AM Morning Delight 11:30 Noon for Taste of the Rocks (afternoon) and Noon Paddle and Hike. 2:30 for Taste of Rocks (afternoon) and Sunset Trip. 3:30 for Afternoon Delight trip

    We only use tandem kayaks due to their stability. Odd persons go with a guide or a person with another group. Your group will not be split up. We use Necky Looksha T kayaks

    Light Winds, waves forecasted to be in the 0-2 range, and no thunderstorms forecasted more frequently than a chance of (30%) by the National Weather Service. A High Presssure over the area. Winds from the southeast or east under 15kts are also good.

    Do not go totally by what a television or radio station says. They like to exaggerate and many people have lost a great day of paddling by not getting a professional weather forecast. Here is a link to the Marquette, Michigan National Weather Service Website for Marine Weather Forecasts.

    We paddle in light rain. We also paddle in fog. The major obstacles to a paddling trip are wind and high waves, lightning, heavy rain, and cold. Remember you are exercising as you paddle, so it might be a little cool to start but you’ll warm up very soon.

    In case of forecast thunderstorms during your scheduled kayaking time period we consult with the National Weather Service Meteorologists in Marquette to determine where they are forecasted to track so that we can make an informed decision.

    Deposits: A 50% deposit is required on all trips that are scheduled prior to May 1st and on all large group reservations over 10 persons at any time. The 50% deposit requirement does not apply to any trips that are purchased at a discounted price. These trips require full payment at the time of purchase. After May 1st and before November 1st full payment is required at the time of the reservation unless it is for the following year.

    Charge: Your credit card will be charged for the balance due prior to 5:00 pm on the day prior to the departure of your trip.

    Cancellation: You may cancel your reservation and have your payment refunded at any time prior to 7 days prior to the date of your trip for any reason. A $25 administrative fee will be deducted. Large Groups (10 or more) may not cancel over 30 days prior to the scheduled date of the trip. Minor variations in the total number of participants is not considered a cancellation for those individuals such as scout groups with a large number of people.

    Day Trips: 7 days notice for a full refund. Administrative fee of $25 will be deducted from a refund. Will be credited to any further booking.
    Less than 7 days: Refund 75% of trip value less$25 administrative fee
    Less than 3 days : Refund 50% of trip value less $25 administrative fee.
    Less than 24 hours (All Reservations) No Refund
    Day of Trip: No refund

    Cancellations on the day of your trip for any reason other than the cancellation of the trip by our guides due to weather or other reasons initiated by the company will not be issued a refund. No shows will not be issued a refund of any amount. Weather Cancellation Policy:
    In that neither our customers or our company are responsible for the weather our weather cancellation policy is as follows: If we cannot paddle in the Pictured Rocks we can often make the crossing and paddle the east shoreline of Grand Island which will constitute the same as a Pictured Rocks tour. If you choose not to make the Grand Island paddle you will be issued a rain check to paddle again with us at a future date. If we cannot make the Grand Island paddle you will be issued a guaranteed spot on a subsequent day.

    Most of our guests have never been in a sea kayak before. But if you can hike, bike, or swim, you can paddle our sea kayaks. No previous experience is necessary! Nor do you need any swimming skills. Anyone in average physical condition may join a kayak tour. The only prerequisite is a healthy spirit of curiosity and adventure. Regardless of your age or skill level you will find that our expeditions offer enough flexibility to make your experience with us safe and rewarding. We will show you proper sea kayaking technique and water safety before leaving the beach. Our boats comfortably hold two paddlers and an abundance of gear. Single kayaks are also available. They are extremely safe and stable, yet swift and easy to maneuver with foot-controlled rudders. Due to their modern design and safety features, you will never have to “Eskimo roll” or capsize!

    Yes to both questions. We can take groups up to 40 participants in size on both day and multi-day paddling trips. We have a standard discount of large groups of 10%.

    Glamping is available at the Paddlers Village and Au Train Beach
    Campground. In addition, we have pitch your own tent sites at Au Train Beach

    Check out www.paddlersvillage.com or www.munising.org

    I'm sorry but we no longer offer any unguided rentals ion Lake Superior

    We use tandem (double) sea kayaks on all of our kayak tours. All outfitters who put safety as the top priority follow this policy. The reasons for using tandems or triples are as follows:
    •Speed – Length equals speed. Therefore, the longer waterline of a tandem kayak makes it significantly faster than a solo kayak. Our triple kayaks are even faster! This is important when a group is faced with crossing an exposed body of water when weather threatens.
    •Stability – The extra width of a tandem kayak provides excellent stability. You’ll appreciate this most in choppy water, and when taking pictures. The greater stability of tandems allows us extra freedom to travel in a greater variety of sea conditions.
    •Flexibility – With tandems we have the option to pair people of different strengths so the entire group can move at the same pace. No one gets separated from the group this way. Also, if someone develops a minor injury or illness during the kayak tour, they can get relief from paddling by being seated in a tandem kayak. Please note that if you come with a partner or friend, you can expect to paddle with that person for the entire trip! The need to change partners occurs very rarely, and usually only for a brief period of the trip!

    Yes we have our 4 hour Taste of the Rocks” tour and the 2.5 Morning and Afternoon Delight Tours.

    Yes but it must be pre-arranged and there is an additional fee of $200.

    Pictured Rocks National Park does not allow any domestic animals on the backcountry where we kayak. However, we do have a kennel at our shop where we can keep them for you. Free of charge but you must make a reservation by calling us at 906-228-5447.