Paddling Pictured Rocks Shoreline

Our Guided Kayak Tours Are a Great Way To See Everything Pictured Rocks Has to Offer!

12 miles of the most famous and Stunning Scenery in the 42 Mile long Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore

2-8 Hour Tours


Breathtaking Views


Paddling Michigan offers daily Pictured Rocks kayak tours. Our expert guides lead kayakers along the most famous scenery of the 42-mile-long Pictured Rocks Shoreline between two natural wonders, Laughing Whitefish Falls and Tahquamenon Falls. Each guided kayak tour is between 2 and 8 hours long.

Choose from five unique Lake Superior kayak tours!

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Scenic. Safe. Unforgettably Fun.

P.S. We practice the 7 principles of Leave No Trace and encourage our guests to do the same. Whether you are on Lake Superior, the Au Train River, walking through town, or enjoying a hike in the national forest we encourage visitors to practice those key principles and conducts.



I have never been kayaking, can I still do kayak tours in Pictured Rocks?

No prior experience is necessary for our kayak tours in Pictured Rocks, Michigan. Our kayaks are sturdy, and we’ll provide all the required equipment for the adventure. Paddling Michigan’s guided kayak tours in Pictured Rocks are led by highly qualified experts. We’ll give you a quick lesson on paddling and safety before we begin the tour.

Will I see wildlife?

The Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore is home to various wildlife. We can’t guarantee that you’ll see wildlife, but it’s common for paddlers to spot eagles, osprey, falcons, hawks and many other bird species. Other creatures you may see include butterflies, numerous fish species, mussels, white-tailed deer and even the occasional black bear.

What should I wear?

The weather in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula can change at any moment. We recommend our guests wear rain gear on our kayaking tours if they don’t want to get wet. Layering is a good idea on chilly days, while you’ll be fine with a T-shirt and shorts in the heat of summer. Check the weather forecast or give us a call before your tour to learn about current conditions.

Should I tip my guide?

Embarking on our Pictured Rocks tours by kayak means you’re heading with a local guide who’s passionate about the history and preservation of the area. Our guides love sharing their passion with you. Tips can help make guiding a more fulfilling career for them. We recommend tipping between 10% and 20% of the total cost of the trip.

Is there an age limit?

Yes. Our minimum age for our kayak tours is 8 years or older when paired with an adult. Any child 15 or younger must have an adult to be paired with in our tandem sea kayaks. We do only use tandem sea kayaks on all of our tours. Please call us with additional questions.



Adults: $162
Children: $152
Trip Length
est 6 Hours
See 11 Pictured Rocks Formations including 3 waterfalls, 6-hour guided kayaking tour in Pictured Rocks Shoreline and includes a 1hr lunch break on a scenic, secluded beach. (you bring your own lunch).
Adults: $126
Children: $116
Trip Length
est 3 Hours
Paddle 7 Pictured Rocks Formations including 2 Waterfalls, A popular 3-hour guided kayak tour with multiple launch times. Perfect for taking in the Pictured Rocks with younger or beginner kayakers.
Adults: $199
Children: $189
Trip Length
est 8 Hours
See 27 Different Cliff Formations and 4 waterfalls! An 8-hour adventure designed for the outdoor enthusiast! Experience the Pictured Rocks Shoreline by land and sea with lunch on a beautiful beach.
Adults: $99
Children: $89
Trip Length
est 2 Hours
The Most Affordable Kayak Tour in Pictured Rocks! A 2 hour guided kayaking tour that takes you to some of the most memorable destinations along the Pictured Rocks Shoreline.