Weather Statement

Sea Kayaking in the Pictured Rocks and Lake Superior should be considered as a Soft Adventure Sport.
It is not an adventure that we wait for perfect weather or a sunny day to go. We still go in rain, fog, and temps above 40 degrees Fahrenheit. Large waves, winds over 20 kts. and lightning keep us on the beach. Thunderstorms usually move by, and with careful planning and observation by radar, we are normally able to complete our trips.


In that the Pictured Rocks are located along the northern shores of the Upper Peninsula and the southern shore of Lake Superior during the summer months we generally experience southerly winds and a protected shoreline from wind and waves. Historically, we have been able to kayak most days and generally have very few cancellations. Strong winds over 15 knots from the northwest, north, and northeast normally make the water too rough to paddle the Pictured Rocks. We do paddle in light rain and fog conditions which generally result in calmer water conditions.

Weather Cancellation Policy

In that neither our customers nor our company are responsible for the weather, our weather cancellation policy is as follows: If we cannot paddle in the Pictured Rocks we can often make the crossing from Sand Point and paddle the east shoreline of Grand Island which will constitute the same as a Pictured Rocks tour. If you choose not to make the Grand Island paddle you will be issued a rain check to paddle again with us at a future date. If you choose to make the Grand Island paddle and we determine at the beach that it is not safe a rain check will be issued for a future date. In the event of thunderstorms in the immediate area we can often delay a tour until they pass. If we cannot delay and/or thunderstorms are forecasted by the National Weather Service in Marquette to be over 50% coverage or numerous you will be issued a rain check for a future date.