Best Presents for Your Millennial Loved Ones

Though we may not see eye to eye on all things across generations, millennials are changing the world in some important ways – and in some ways that will affect holiday giving. Rather than having jewelry to wear or a new electronic device, most millennials are hoping for something that won’t fit under the Christmas tree – an experience.

Exciting Experiences to Gift This Season

Though no one wants to change how the holidays work – gift exchanges will always be fun – some people do want to change the kinds of gifts that show up under the tree. With less tangible gifts, there’s less consumption. Less consumption means less of an environmental impact, and that’s a gift to us all. Here are a few experiences to gift this year:

  • A family visit to a national park. There are many amazing parks to discover across the country. You may want to plan to see a few on a cross-country adventure. Consider checking off a visit to one of the few National Lakeshores, like Pictured Rocks in Munising, by giving the gift of Paddling Michigan.
  • A learned experience. Whether it’s figuring out how to hold a paddle or learning to bake, taking a class together is a fun way to spend time with those you love and learn something new. And remember – this experience can be one you plan for in the future. Everyone’s time is precious during the holidays, but booking an adventure can be a way for the time to never end – there’s always something to look forward to.
  • An outdoor adventure. Whether you enjoy running, hiking mountain trails, or a leisurely stroll, you can gift an adventure together. The time you spend in malls will be swapped for calls to figure out schedules and destinations, but that’s the nature of this gift; being present is the present.

Many experiences await the brave, but you don’t have to skydive to gift an experience. Escape rooms, comedy shows, or a local musical are all great opportunities for gifts.

How to Gift an Experience

An unusual gift experience requires some unusual presentation. Just because there isn’t a tangible gift doesn’t mean you can’t unwrap the season. Here are some ways to wrap your adventure.

  • Print a plane/train ticket and place it in a card on the tree. For an out-of-town adventure, your “ticket” to that adventure could be a great thing for them to see on Christmas morning. If you’re planning an adventure vacation, you don’t want to spend extra energy on the presentation. Some ornaments are good gift-card holders, too.
  • Wrap a symbol. Find something that represents the gift, and wrap that. For instance, if you’ve organized a camping/kayaking adventure for the summer, wrap a toy kayak or canoe. When your loved one opens the gift, you can explain its significance.
  • Create an enigma. Taking the previous idea as a first “clue,” create a puzzle. For instance, after a loved one unwraps the toy kayak, don’t explain. Offer another gift with a second clue, like second-hand paddle. That way, there are plenty of things to unwrap – and it will be a holiday to remember.

If that’s too much, a hug and an envelope may be just the thing!

Keep Adventuring

Whatever experience you plan this holiday, Paddling Michigan wishes you a happy trip. Book your experience for the coming season today.