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Winter Camping

Winter Camping at the Paddlers Village is a very unique experience in camping with comfort in a heated Yurt or Cabin on the shore of Lake Superior. It is meant for adventurers that love the outdoors, a winter campfire on the beach, stargazing, and the cool crisp night air.  It is necessary for you to bring along warm bedding and appropriate winter clothing as needed for your experience. The units do not have heated restrooms but we do have heated privies on the property.  If you feel that this will not meet your particular needs for personal reasons then it is probably not the best place for you to stay. In that case we would recommend our Duck Pond Apartment or The White Pine Lodge just down the street.

October 15th thru March 31st

$79 per night for 16′ Yurts & Cabins
$99 per night for 20′ Yurts

Guided Adventure

We are committed to providing a safe and enjoyable experience while exploring with minimal impact.

Weather Permitting

The Northern Lights are a spectacular phenomenon that are hard to predict, and hard to forget!

Trip Length

Stay as many nights as you would like!

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