Kayak and Canoe Rentals

If you have some experience kayaking and feel comfortable in renting kayaks and canoes from us without a guide we are happy to accommodate you with some restrictions.

We do not rent any equipment to be used at the Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore between Miners Beach and 12 Mile Beach unless all participants in the rental have satisfactorily  completed a kayak safety course with us or another ACA (American Canoe Association) certified with a company in a similar geographic area i.e. cool to cold water.  Our training course consists of 6 hours of instruction and testing and costs $85 per person.  Note: We also cannot deliver rental kayaks to the Miners Beach area due to our permit restrictions.

Otherwise, rentals are available for Grand Island, Grand Marais, and the Marquette area as well as Inland Lakes, Rivers, Isle Royale, and other locations. We have some car racks and blocks for car topping and trailer rentals too.

Due to the cold water conditions on Lake Superior our policy is to rent a minimum of 2 double kayaks for a minimum of 8 hours. Single kayaks may be rented in groups as well once the water temp gets over 50 degrees. We may also require you to rent or use if you have a wet or dry suit. Kayaks that are rented and need transport to the beach will be charged $10 per boat.

Transport and check-in

All rentals must be for a minimum of 1 day
Rentals to Pictured Rocks are not allowed.

Grand Island
In that we are not located on the beach and have to transport the watercraft we require that all rentals going to Grand Island meet at 10:30 AM at the beach.(Location designated at check in) This means that you need to check in at our store for the necessary paperwork and briefings at 9:30 AM the day of your rental. Groups of over 10 paddlers are exempt from this rule and may check in at any time from 8:00AM to 4:00 PM if they have made a previous reservation.
Rentals transported by the renter.
You may check in for your rental at any time from 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM
If you wish or we have required you receive training prior to your rental this training must be accomplished prior to your rental date.

Sea Kayaks– Single, Double, and Triple kayaks available. Note: Triple kayaks include a small center cockpit and seat for a youngster in the 60-80 lb. range. It can also be used to storage.

Single Sea Kayak– $75 per day, $125 per 2 days , $200 per 3 days, $350 per week

Double Sea Kayak– $100 per day, $180 per 2 days, $250 per 3 days, $450 per week

Triple Sea Kayak – $130 per day, $210 per 2 days , $300 per 3 days, $500 per week

Included in this price are paddles, PFD’s, spray skirts, paddle floats, bilge pump, and 2 dry bags.

Recreational Kayaks are meant for use on inland lakes and rivers. Single and Double kayaks are available. Stand Up Paddle Boards are also available for rentals.

Single Recreational Kayak– $30 per day, $45 per 24 hours, $75 per 3 days, $150 per week

Double Recreational Kayak– $45 per day, $65 per 24 hours, $115 per 3 days, $230 per week

Stand Up Paddleboard– $49 per day, $80 per 2 days , 125 per 3 days, $250 per week

Canoes– Our canoes are Old Town Polylink and Royal EX models.

12-16 foot models– $45 per day, $80 per 2 days , $120 per 3 days, $240 per week

17-19 foot models- $50 per day, $90 per 2 days, $150 per 3 days, $300  per week.

Schedule and Book your rental reservations here

Shuttling Services are available for $1.50 per mile with a minimum charge of $75 each way within Marquette and Alger Counties. This rate is for up to 6 boats.

All rentals are subject to Michigan Use Tax of 6%.

Canoe & Kayak Rentals in other locations

Uncle Ducky Outdoors, LLC provides a very diverse fleet of rental kayaks and canoes in the Upper Peninsula. From our main base of operations at 1331 West Munising Ave in Munising, Mi. we have available for rental a fleet of over 100 kayaks and canoes. Single and tandem sea kayaks, recreational kayaks and canoes. If you are planning a multi-day sea kayak trip and are qualified you would contact us here in Munising for your outfitting.

Munising, Mi. 1331 West Munising Ave. Uncle Ducky Operations. Rentals are available here by calling us at 906-228-5447 or 906-387-1695

If you are staying in other parts of the Upper Peninsula listed below are Uncle Ducky rental agents that may be near your location and that have kayaks and canoes available for rental:

Grand Marais– Grand Marais Outfitters- 906-494-3333