Grand Island Overnight or Circumnavigation

Munising, Michigan
3 days ( 27 miles)

Runs- May, June and September on Demand- minimum paddlers- 6
July and August- minimum paddlers 12

Munising Bay is one of the most protected bays found along the Lake Superior shoreline. Sheltered from the north by Grand Island, which is about the same size as Manhattan Island in New York City, the winds and waves of Lake Superior very rarely keep us from getting on the water.


Grand Island possesses many unique features and provides a variety of recreational opportunities. This newly established National Recreation Area is home to unique vegetation, a substantial black bear population, peregrine falcons, bald eagles, whitetail deer and loons. The northern end of the island provides picturesque sandstone cliffs reaching over 200 feet high, and the southern end holds excellent camping opportunities on the sand beaches located around the coastline.

Grand Island is just a short paddle across the East Channel of Munising Bay from our departure point at Sand Point. This crossing is (.7) of a mile. This is our preferred departure point for the day trip. Paddling along the east side of the Thumb you will encounter many sea caves and waterfalls. Also the historic East Point lighthouse and an eagle’s nest are seen. Paddle over a shipwreck and explore a beautiful cove for agates and other beautiful rocks. If the wind and wave conditions make the Sand Point departure point to rough, we then often can depart from Powell Point. We reach the shoreline at Williams Point on the southern tip of the Island and then proceed on a northeasterly course into Murray’s Bay. Murray’s Bay is about 2 miles long and ¾ miles wide and very well protected. Paddling around the shoreline and to Muskrat Point one can still visualize the past when the Native Americans occupied this southern part of Grand Island with their villages and trading Posts. The secluded north shore boasts pristine beaches and offers a clear view of the stars and night sky like you’ve never seen before.

 Trip overview:  Grand Island
 Dates:  Open
 Departure:  Munising Falls Interpretive Center 1505 Sand Point Road- Munising, MI.
 Price:  Adults $450 Children 11yrs or under -$400
 Level:  Beginner – Experienced
 Distance:  27 miles
 Duration:  3 days
 Included:  All inclusive of , wilderness camping gear, kayaks, paddling equipment, meals, fees
 Not Included:  Personal gear, sleeping bags
 Note:  Max- 48 people per group


Itinerary (for circumnavigation expedition)

This Trip Itinerary is a plan and an estimate. In perfect weather conditions it is easily done as scheduled. Murphy’s Law says there will probably be some adjustments to it. Evenings will be spent relaxing, hiking, swimming, and eating. Our guides carry communication equipment for nightly position reports to our base of operations.

Day 1: Meet at 9:00 AM at our shop-1337 West M-28 Munising.  Briefing, equipment check, and packing kayaks. We may elect to do this the evening prior if you are in the area or staying at the campground.
11:00 AM- Paddle to Grand Island (Juniper Flats Campground)

Day 2: 10:00AM – Paddle to North Shore

Day 3: 10:00AM – Paddle to Trout Bay

Day 4: 10:00AM – Paddle to Sand Point or Powell Point


Clothing: It may appear from the following list that you will be preparing for an arctic adventure! However, these clothes should keep you comfortable under poor weather conditions: warm jacket (i.e., for fall conditions) or windbreaker with pile/fleece (e.g. Polartec) liner or wool sweater, long-sleeved shirt, t-shirt, warm wool or synthetic socks, one pair of pants, shorts, swim suit, undergarments, small towel.Paddling gear: Cap, sun glasses, paddling jacket (synthetic windbreaker or rain-suit, preferably with elasticized cuffs), short pants of synthetic material, neoprene booties or water sandals (e.g. Tevas) or running shoes, synthetic long underwear (top and bottom), plastic water bottle, head strap for glasses. A “Farmer John/Jane” wet suit will be supplied by Paddling Michigan; however, to guarantee a good fit, a wet-suit can be purchased at many outdoor stores.Optional:
Hand-held sighting compass.

Paddling clothes should be synthetic, or with minimal cotton.

Personal Gear:
Sunscreen, chap stick, bug dope, toilet paper, matches or lighter, soap, etc. On day trips, we will have enough “river” bags to accommodate most clothing, but bring ziploc bags for snacks and small articles. Sleeping Bag


Kayaks and Accessories: Kayaks, paddles, PFD’s,  Tow lines, Dry BagsWet suits are provided. Please indicate your lifejacket size and wet suit size when you send deposit or trip balance.Camping Equipment: One tent for each couple or individual, thermarest (by request only), camp grill, coffee pot, 19 ft. shelter tarp, camp saw, cook stoves, fuel, camp cookery, dishes, two large dry bags for your sleeping bag and bulky clothing, and smaller dry bags as required.Safety Equipment: First aid kit, marine radio, compass, tow line.